Fall 2017 Collection

What's new for fall?

It's always so great to attend the First Thursday Events held by the San Diego Made organization, whether you're a vendor or a guest. They are free and, like the name, are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Lafayette Hotel in North Park. I recommend taking some much needed you-time to break up the week a bit, head over to the Lafayette, grab a drink, and see what your local artists and designers are up to :) There's always a good vibe in the air and I always feel inspired after being there. This month's event was a success, and I was able to showcase my new fall pieces. This fall, I was inspired by auras, opals, and dusty blues, purples & greens.

First up: The Foxy Earring!

A re-imagined Insight Earring, with a different stone placement. The Foxy Earring only comes in green Peridot for now, mostly because I love a nice green tone for fall and tend to wear it a lot during this season.

And speaking of the Insight Earring, I added Blue Apatite and Amethyst to the original Peridot design!


I always love stumbling upon new gems and minerals, and recently found this tiny set of beautiful opals. They have the most gorgeous colors that remind me of the sunset. I made just a few rings. A lot of them have new owners thanks to the SD Made First Thursday event, but there are still a few one of a kind, unique opal rings from the special little collection that I came across :)


I absolutely adore the local shops that sell Phase Collection, the women who own them are amazing and this most likely isn't the last time you'll hear that from me :) This month, I created a few special pieces specially for Gioia's Room Boutique in Hillcrest. Gioia is the bossbabe of the shop, and hand selects each item of clothing she stocks. She gives personal styling advice to everyone who shops there, and takes great care of her customers. So when I saw the collection of aura quartz - the gorgeous flashes of color and the individuality of each stone - I felt they really embodied the spirit of Gioia's Room. I decided to make these aura rings exclusively for Gioia's, so you can only find them in her shop. Stop by to give a local woman owned shop some love!


Necklaces of the Blue, Purple and Green Variety

The original Quartz Power Necklace gets a sister-style with the addition of Blue Apatite, Amethyst and Peridot. Like I mentioned earlier, the SD Made First Thursday events are such a great hit, so my green Peridot versions sold before I was able to photograph them. I'm planning on getting more Peridot, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I've added the blues and purples to get along with your fall-toned outfits :)

One more thing before I get to work on some orders! I was asked what the agate slice necklaces looked like being worn, since there were no photos of them being modeled. I posted a photo on insta and I'm working on uploading them to each agate slice page as well. If you ever have any questions about a certain piece, or want to see it being worn for reference, feel free to message me on any of the social media platforms, or head to the Contact page on my website and I'll get back to you asap :)

Phase Collection