Pisces Earring

Pisces Earring


Soulful, mysterious, insightful: The essence of Pisces in an earring. Representing the duality and the cyclical nature that Pisces encompasses, this earring is for those of us who take on multiple roles in our lives, juggling the chaos of daily life with the need for a peace and quiet (cheers to you, boss babes!)

  • Handmade

  • Gold filled chain and ear wire

  • Coven stone (double-terminated quartz)

The Coven Stone is a double terminated quartz containing a shadowy carbon inclusion. This stone is known for assisting with communication, listening, and responding. The ability to bring people together makes the coven stone a perfect gift for the beauties in your own coven, or a treat for yourself!

*Ships within 3-7 business days. Each stone is unique and one of a kind, so the stone you receive may differ slightly from the photos. See Store Policies page for additional information.

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